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Operation Corporate   >   Books   >   Vulcan 607


Vulcan 607

This book by Rowland White tells the incredible story of the first Black Buck mission - the first of five Vulcan bomber attacks carried out on Port Stanley during the 1982 Falklands War.

The book really divides into two main sections:
  1. The background explaining the history of the Vulcan bomber and the V-force, as well as the state of this fleet of these much-loved but antiquated aircraft had fallen into by 1982.

  2. The raid itself - including the preparations, and the immense logistical and engineering challenges faced by the RAF, and how these were overcome.
(There is also a brief coda, that talks about what happened after the raid).

The Vulcan has always been a popular aircraft in Britain, and it's easy to assume that this popularity automatically translated into operational capability. When you read this book, you will have a new appreciation that the operational capability mainly came as a result of the tremendous skill of RAF engineers and aircrew.

The thing that I love most about the book is it explores, in lucid detail, the engineering challenges that the RAF faced, and overcame. For example: What do you do if the inflight refuel system has been removed more than a decade ago, and you need to restore it? How do you attach a modern ECM pod to an aircraft which has no appropriate fitting for it, and for which there is no time to design a new fitting?

In short, I absolutely love this book. I'm confident that anybody with even a modicum of interest in military aviation will too.

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Vulcan 607: A true Military Aviation classic (Rowland White Book 1)

By Rowland White

Silvertail Books
Released: 2017-11-02
Kindle Edition (464 pages)

Vulcan 607: A true Military Aviation classic (Rowland White Book 1)
Product Description:

Shoulder to shoulder with Strategic Air Command B-52s throughout the Cold War, the big delta-winged Vulcans of the Britain's V-bomber force faced down the Soviet threat to the West. In 1982 they were just months from retirement when they flew in anger for the first time.

It was a to be a record-breaking mission of breathtaking audacity: a single bomber launched from a remote island airbase to carry out what would be the longest-range air attack in history. An eight thousand mile round trip. Her crew of six would be flying into a hornet's nest of modern weaponry: radar-guided anti-aircraft guns and missiles.

There would be no second chances.

Vulcan 607 tells the gripping true story of that legendary raid for the first time - an operation that many thought would turn out to be a real life Mission Impossible.

'A masterwork of narrative history' Clive Cussler

'Vulcan 607 deserves to become an aviation classic' Len Deighton

'White's gripping narrative reads like a suspense thriller, yet every word is true' Stephen Coonts

'I read the book in one sitting ... an utterly compelling war story, brilliantly written' Simon Winchester, author of The Professor and the Madman

Vulcan 607 by Rowland White (2007-04-02)

By Rowland White;

Corgi; Revised edition edition (2007-04-02)

Vulcan 607 by Rowland White (2007-04-02)
Lowest New Price: $22.28*
Lowest Used Price: $6.74*
Usually ships in 1-2 business days*
*(As of 20:45 Pacific 20 Jan 2020 More Info)

Click Here

By Rowland White Vulcan 607 [Hardcover]

By Rowland White

Bantam Books (Transworld Publishers a division of the Random House Group)

By Rowland White Vulcan 607 [Hardcover]
Lowest New Price: $814.57*
Lowest Used Price: $851.00*
Usually ships in 1-2 business days*
*(As of 20:45 Pacific 20 Jan 2020 More Info)

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Storm Front: The Epic True Story of a Secret War, the SAS's Greatest Battle, and the British Pilots Who Saved Them

By Rowland White

Released: 2012-05-14
Paperback (496 pages)

Storm Front: The Epic True Story of a Secret War, the SAS s Greatest Battle, and the British Pilots Who Saved Them
List Price: $17.50*
Lowest New Price: $8.50*
Lowest Used Price: $2.40*
Usually ships in 2-3 business days*
*(As of 20:45 Pacific 20 Jan 2020 More Info)

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Product Description:
The thrilling new military history title from the bestselling author of Vulcan 607 and Phoenix Squadron.
In early 1970, the Commanding Officer of 22 SAS flew into the strategically critical Sultanate of Oman on a covert intelligence mission. A Communist rebellion in the South threatened not only the stability of the Arabian Peninsula but more importantly the vital oil routes through the Persian Gulf. Within six months, the Regiment arrived in theatre to lead a fierce, secret war against the rebels. While from a remote RAF airbase in the desert, an elite band of British pilots, flying difficult, dangerous missions in Strikemaster jets and Vietnam-era Huey helicopters, were scrambled alongside them.
For the British soldiers and airmen, it was to be no easy victory. The enemy were well supplied with weaponry and training from China and the Soviet Union, and despite confronting the largest assault force ever deployed by the SAS, many months later the rebels were still fighting back.
And at dawn on July 19th, 1972, a force of nearly 300 heavily armed, well-trained guerillas attacked the little fishing port of Mirbat without warning. Between them and glory stood a team of just nine SAS men. And the skill of the British fighter pilots. The scene was set for an epic encounter; a modern day Rorke's Drift. Their heroism would become SAS legend.
Drawing on extensive interviews with participants from the SAS, the RAF and the Sultan's Armed Forces, most of whom have never spoken about their involvement before, as well as previously classified documents from both the UK and Oman, Storm Front weaves an unputdownable tale of intrigue, action, daring and astonishing bravery in the face of overwhelming odds.

The Limit: Ejection Over the Desert (an Ebook Short)

By Robert Prest

Silvertail Books
Released: 2017-05-04
Kindle Edition (40 pages)

The Limit: Ejection Over the Desert (an Ebook Short)
Product Description:

‘A brilliantly written account of a fighter pilot’s brush with death.’ Rowland White, author of Vulcan 607

Air Combat. To a fighter pilot it's the sport of kings. A jet-fuelled, high stakes game of three-dimensional chess that offers the ultimate test of man and machine. Skill, aggression, intelligence and lightning reflexes give you the edge. But it's easy to push too hard. The Limit is the gripping story of a single mission over the desert. For Jaguar pilot Robert Prest, this aerial duel very nearly proved to be his last…

Note: this is not a full-length book.

Robert Prest was born in 1949 and educated at Downside School. He obtained a flying scholarship and joined the RAF in 1968. After basic training on Jet Provosts and advanced training on Gnats and Hunters, he graduated from the Phantom OCU (Operational Conversion Unit) in 1971. His first operational posting was to 43 Squadron at Leuchars. He returned to Coningsby for the QWI (Qualified Weapons Instructor) course, after which he completed 3 years on the OCU staff, where his speciality was teaching Air Combat Tactics. Following tours with 92 and 23 Squadrons, he left the RAF in 1980. The next five years were spent flying Jaguars in Oman with SOAF (Sultan of Oman’s Air Force) and Nigeria (with British Aerospace Jaguar Training team). That marked the end of his military flying. Since then, he has pursued a civil aviation career with various airlines in the Middle and Far East, flying a variety of Boeing and Airbus aircraft, from the B737 and B767 to the A330/340 and B747, finally retiring on the B777. In retirement, he still maintains a passion for aviation, albeit in the slightly slower form of floatplanes. He is the author of F-4 Phantom, a memoir of his career in the RAF.



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